Renewable Energy 

The technology has been designed to deliver thermal or electrical energy outcomes in a modular format which can be scaled depending upon the availability of feedstock and product markets. While the energy output will be directly linked to such factors as the volume, type and moisture content of feedstock, typical deployments will indicatively range from 0.8MWe to 5MWe (producing electrical output of 6,400-40,000 MWh per annum).

Customers seeking renewable energy outcomes will typically assess PacPyro against gasification, combustion and pyrolysis technologies.  Gasification will be relevant to projects which have a large supply of clean, high grade timber, which are seeking energy only outcomes.  Combustion technologies require a similar grade feedstock to gasification, but are relevant for larger scale electrical generation projects with significantly higher energy needs (e.g.  30-40MW). 

Small scale combustion is also used over a range of thermal applications, however its poor emissions profile makes planning consents very challenging. 

While other technologies have their place, PacPyro’s slow pyrolysis technology will be advantageous when dealing with:

          • •  Low grade feedstocks with a combination of high ash content, low ash melting points, high moisture             content and varying and large particle size.  This would include  paper and waste water sludge’s, animal         manures, municipal green waste, and agricultural crop residues;

  •  Variability in feedstock supplies caused by seasonality or  uncommitted feedstocks – waste management     companies often deal with variations in greenwaste composition across seasons (increased woody waste       from gardens versus increased grass clippings for example);

  •  The need for multiple revenue streams to de-risk the project from an over-reliance on any one type of             revenue (i.e.  tipping fees, energy and/or biochar);

    •   Low emissions profile as a key objective; and

  •   Biochar production being desirable for agricultural or horticultural uses.